28 Jul 2008

How They Came To Be

The Fire Eaters space marine chapter came into being in the early to mid 90s and were inspired by a Legion of the Damned article that appeared in White Dwarf. Initially the paint scheme was a poor copy of the Legion of the Damned's, but it did progress to using more orange than black and eventually became a bright orange and yellow fire scheme. The original Chapter consisted of 3 tactical squads and a Predator tank, there were no character models and they were later re-enforced with a terminator squad.

The Fire Eaters have stayed with me in spirit all of this time and when Relic and THQ released Dawn of War, the Fire Eaters were created in digital form. It is the colour scheme used in that game that is the basis for my new Chapter. I will be posting images from the game and of the first model soon.

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