11 Apr 2010

Playing with Templates

It's been awhile since I've had any notion of doing anything with this blog. This has been down to a) me being lazy and b) not happy with the layout of the blog, which feeds nicely back to a)!

However, today I was having a look at the standard templates, to spur me once more to change the site and hopefully get the creative juices following again, but none of them took my fancy! So I thought about looking for third party templates, or at the very least modifying one, or possibly designing my own. Then I discovered this page on the Blogger Help site and thought 'perfect I'll have a shot of that.' Then couldn't find the option in my blog settings, or any reference on how you get to the options to change to the Blogger Template Designer. I then tried the Dashboard and missed the setting completely on at least three different occasions! It is there, it's just not that obvious, at least to me. What you need to do is select Blogger in Draft then click on Layout and there is the Template Designer. 2 minutes later I had this new template up and running.

Now if only I could get the hobby stuff on the same track...

13 Jul 2009

Forth coming attractions

Well as you can tell I haven't been very busy on the blog front for at least awhile! However I did manage to get time last night to change the template, something I have been meaning to do for a long time. The template is a very slightly modified version of Connexion from www.bloggertricks.com if you haven't had a look at other Blogger templates other than the Google ones I throughly recommend having a look. The title graphic I can't really take any credit for, it's the results of me following a nice tutorial on flame text in Paint Shop Pro! If your interested you can find it here. This new template has highlighted just how bad my photography and image layout is in the earlier posts, if I get the motivation I will go back through them and tidy them up.

Just to prove that I haven't been completely lacking in any hobby stuff, here are couple of previews of models that I have been working on. Both have stories attached and they will be the subject of my next posts. Enjoy.

15 Feb 2009

Assault Cannon Razorback - Concept 'C' Mock Up

Concept 'C' of my proposed Razorback designs proved to be the most popular, so I made this mock up to see what additional details could be added and give the vehicle some character. Please feel free to browse the images below and let me know what you think.

The radar dish has already been removed from it's postion on the hatch, due to feedback from friends at work and has been replaced by a bolter. I still intend to use the radar on this model and will probably work it into the completed turret mount.