15 Feb 2009

Assault Cannon Razorback - Concept 'C' Mock Up

Concept 'C' of my proposed Razorback designs proved to be the most popular, so I made this mock up to see what additional details could be added and give the vehicle some character. Please feel free to browse the images below and let me know what you think.

The radar dish has already been removed from it's postion on the hatch, due to feedback from friends at work and has been replaced by a bolter. I still intend to use the radar on this model and will probably work it into the completed turret mount.


eriochrome said...

The drum on the back might cause you problems if you play with some tools. They could claim that the gun cannot fire to the rear because the of barrel blocking line of sight and with how poorly the vehicle weapon mount rules(sponsons depend on the model mounts, etc.) are written they might be correct.

Vyper76 said...

Ah. Good point Eriochrome and you could well be right about the turret mount. I had to go check the rules to see what the exact wording was, and it is...

"Turret-mounted weapons can usually rotate 360 degrees, together with the entire turret, unless the design of the model prevents this."

To be honest I never even considered the rules implications when I set about making this, that might be a naive oversight. Cheers for the heads up.

73rd said...

Woohoo awesome model. Glad you decided to go for concept C!

Vinci76 said...

working the radar into the turret is a good idea buddy.

ive started work on my own Mk1 razorback and its built and nearly painted so ill let you see how ive done my turret and worked the radar into it.

i will decide on the day weither to be a "tool" and hassle you about the fuel drum blocking line of sight... depends what your trying to point those pesky assault cannons at... :) and ill back you up if your pointing them at Clownies heretics.... :)