2 Feb 2009

Lessons Learned In Airbrushing

I had my first experience of using the new Citadel Airbrush yesterday, and it was quite an informative one. I learned that the most important thing is to make sure the paint is the correct consistancy and to spray from a distance. Now I know these are mentioned in the instructions that came with the airbrush and are also shown on the video that GW did on you tube. However knowing something and experiencing it are quite different.

Thankfully I used minatures that could be easily repainted and weren't key to my force, and I now know not to water the paint down so much. I just followed the markings on the spray bottle without considering that the paint was already quite 'runny'. The other mistake I made was spraying from far too close, this did two things, one the paint went on like a thunder storm and two it contain quite alot of the propellent mix. This caused the mixture to freeze, if you've ever played with an airduster you'll know what I mean, and crack the paint when it dried!

This also had the unforseen benefit. I was painting a world war 2 British army lorry which had a canvas covered cab, the effect of the paint freezing and then cracking has textured and weathered the canvas as if it had seen a lot of action!

More practice required, but I was very impressed with the device itself. Have you guys got any tips or stories of the new Airbrush?


Vinci76 said...

LOL brilliant... do you have any pick of "the First" mini painted with it?

i will have to get one of these ... especially for doing vehicles.

Vyper76 said...

I don't have any pics at the mo, but I will try an get one of the 'canvas cab', expect a follow up post on my ongoing airbrushing efforts!

CrusherJoe said...

I have a double-action Paasche airbrush and I absolutely love using it. I use it mainly for painting vehicles because of the silky-smooth finish it lays down.

Now, considering the GW is a different beast (being external mix and all) I'm not sure if this will work for you or not...but I've found that using rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol mixed 1:1 with Citadel paints is pretty much perfect.