2 Aug 2008

Assault on Black Reach

Was working overtime today and when I finished I wandered down to the local GW store, mainly to get the new rules and learn the differences since I last played anything approaching a serious game, 1st edition anyone?

As usual for a trip to Games Workshop for me I also bought something else as well as what I went in for, in this case it was a rhino. Whilst waiting to pay (mainly the walk from shelf to till as I was the only non-game-playing customer) I got talking to the manager, general chit chat and stuff about marines. Anyway we got onto the subject of the new Warhammer 40,000 box set: "Assault on Black Reach" and they had a demo box that the guys were painting up and looking over. I mentioned the fact that several people had worries about the quality of the minitures included in the box as they were clip togethers or limited part models. Well he was a bit shocked at this and grabbed a sprue out of the box, it had moslty Orks on it but also a few of the Terminators. I have to say they looked good, but it was when he showed me the Marine Commander model that all the worries and rumours were completely and utter disspelled! It is a fantastic model.

The store were taking pre-orders for the box set and I've placed my order. If any of you have been looking for an excuse to get back into the hobby or a cheap way to boast the numbers in your army it is the perfect set for it.


RonSaikowski said...

First hand look at the sprue... nice. It sounds like it should fill out your force nicely.

I found your blog by way of Gav, so I'm looking forward to your new blog and seeing your progress. Orange can be a tough color but should look great once finished.

Wienas said...

I like the orange color scheme. The orange in the Foundations (Macharius Solar Orange)would probably work pretty well for this.

Highlight with Blazing Orange, and give in a wash of Devlan Mud, and you should be good to go :)

Just some suggestions, please don't take offense.

Vinci76 said...

I will buy this.... firstly for the mini rule book... and secondly for the miniatures, £40 for all of that including a dreadnought?... its a solid buy, then include the templates AND! all that cardboard for cutting and .... stuff.
Vyper if we combine both our Orks from the box we can field an ok greenskin force!... and i can bring back the world famous ORKINATOR!!

for those that dont know... i.e. most of the world i was refering too earlier, when we first got into 40k i converted a terminator buy crudely cutting out the head and replacing it with a orks... hence the ORKINATOR!! :)

Vyper76 said...

Cheers for the comments RonSaikowski I'm not quite up to your standard of blogging as I'm a bit new to all this but I am enjoying it.

Orange is posing to be a tough customer to work with and will be the actual subject of the next blog posting, which brings me on to.

Wienas, no offense taken at all, I appreciate the advice and will be giving your suggestions a go on a test model. I'll post my findings in the next blog update. Cheers.

Vyper76 said...

Sorry Vinci never saw your comment. Was too busy rejoicing that someone other than you was actually reading it ;)

Aye an Ork force would be good,least we will always have a 'red' force for practicing against.

Vinci76 said...

yeah and the fact i have never played an ork force.... ever!

we hateses them!

although i did have a small group of gretchin, i always wanted a gretchin force.... thousands of em!

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