6 Aug 2008

Assault on Black Reach Update

Went down to Games Workshop on my lunch today, ostensibly to buy the Citadel Washes box set but ended up buying a Marine Combat Squad as well. Does anyone manage to just buy what they went in for on a trip to GW?

Again whilst waiting to pay, it being the school holidays the shop was rather busy, I got talking to one of the guys in the shop and had a good chat on the forth coming Assault on Black Reach box set. This time I had the opportunity of seeing and handling some of the models.

The Ork Warboss miniture is awesome (like the hotdogs) and almost the same size as the Dreadnought! I exaggerate only slightly on that, honest.
The dreadnought is quite a nice model and I am looking forward to building and painting it. It's armed with a box fist/claw and a multi-melta so should prove to be quite a threat to both infantry and tanks alike.
The terminators are of a high quality and very close to their multi-part brethren as are the standard marines, which have a good selection of pre-Heresy and Great Crusade style helmets. It does make me wonder if GW has a Heresy related expansion or rules subset in the works!

There will also be a new Space Marine Codex coming out at roughly the same time as the Black Reach box, September is looking to be a good (expensive) month for me! White Dwarf will also be giving away one of the terminators and an ork nob from the Black Reach box with the next issue.

Now where did I put that painting with washes article...

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