7 Aug 2008

I Had To Pick Orange!

As some of you may already know my chapter colours are inspired by a colour scheme that I have created in Dawn of War, you can see that post by clicking here. I have been busy over the last couple of days trying out various different paint schemes and thanks to some good advice from Wienas;

"I like the orange color scheme. The orange in the Foundations (Macharius Solar Orange)would probably work pretty well for this. Highlight with Blazing Orange, and give in a wash of Devlan Mud, and you should be good to go :)"

I have deviated only slightly from that, mainly due to having a test marine already undercoated with Iyanden Darksun from Citadel's Foundation range. Then base coated with Blazing Orange (found the Fiery Orange to be way too bright), a wash of Devlan Mud and then dry brush with Fiery Orange. A few extra details were added with Blood Red and a Baal Red wash. Anyway here are the results, as always click on the link for a larger image.

Oh one other thing, the model isn't finished yet due to beer and my housemate and I playing some Dawn of War: Soul Storm. I will get him finished for the next post.

For those that are interested the pics were taken with a Nokia N95 using the macro setting from about 12cm distance.


Vinci76 said...

maybe you should have choosen hot pink!

do you think its gonna be straight forward painting orange?... or is it gonna be hard work?

Vyper76 said...

I think I'll leave out the hot pink colour scheme! :)

Yeah the test mini came out alright (if you pardon the pune with the above comment) and should be mass produceable. It will be interesting to see how it works on the vehicles, I have a rhino up next for painting.