16 Aug 2008

Good Enough For The Battlefield

Have completed my first Marine! Whilst not a great paint job I do feel it is good enough for battlefield viewing distances. I feel that my method and techniques will improve over the course of painting this tactical squad, painting has always been a secondary consideration for me. Much prefer building and gaming! Anyway tell me what you think of this first one:


CammaD said...
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Vinci76 said...

good look to the boltgun, i would give the yellow on the BP another coat though, are you now more content with painting them orange now you have the washes? oh and have you decided on any rank and file insignia? shoulder pad scheme's, looking good though mate.... just another multitude to paint ! :)

Vyper76 said...

The washes do indeed make a difference especially when combined with the foundation paints. The bolt gun was a bit of an accidental effect, although one which I am very happy with.
As for the insignia I will try to follow the codex pattern of squad and company markings on the right shoulder and chapter on the left. These will probably be by transfer.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Get some Army Painter and dip that sucker! You'll have a superb looking mini in no time (with minimal work). And nonsense about your paint job bro. Be proud of it! You took the time to do it and you have some nice coverage on the mini. Good job!

If you want to see how The Army Painter works on red paint jobs cruse over to my blog and check out my Blood Angels. I'll have my army up later tonight :)