3 Jan 2009

Litany of Excuses

One of my New Year resolutions is to update this blog more regularly and to actually get some painting and gaming done!

I have been extremely lax in my updating in the latter half of last year, this was mostly down to being busy at work and just not being in the right frame of mind for painting.

However by far the greatest reason for not getting anything done is the addtion of Molly the kitten to the house hold. My house mate decided that he wanted a cat and well he got Molly, who is a lovely black and caramel Tokenese kitten. The unfortunate thing is, like all cats, she is very curious of what goes on in 'her' house and every time I sit down to paint she comes over to help. Such help consists of repositioning the models that are waiting to be painted or are drying, investigating what that stuff is in the paint pots and the ultimate helping me with the paint brush! It is impossible to paint anything when a cat thinks the paint brush is a toy.

Anyway enough with the excuses. The new year beckons...

1 comment:

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