5 Jan 2009

What The New Year Holds

Seeing as the latter half of last year was a bit of a non-event where blogging and hobby stuff was concerned, I have decided to come good on my promise (mainly to myself) to update this blog and progress the building and painting of my marines.

To this end I will be working on getting the following completed. Note this is not in any particular order:
  • Complete the building and painting of my two tactical squads.
  • Build and convert the scout sniper squad.
  • Convert my Mk1 Rhino into a dual assault cannon Razorback for the scouts transport.
  • Finish the painting of the Mk2 Rhino.
  • Build and paint the Land Raider Redeemer.
  • Refine and publish the back ground fluff for the Chapter, including it's non-codex organization.
  • Learn to paint.
That should keep me going for awhile at least if not most of the year!

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